Effective Design & Development...that's LOGICAL!
When it comes to partnering with a company that has solid expertise, there is always a sense of relief. The Logical Performance team is here to help you... and we have the services to prove it.
  1. Instructional Design
    Instructional Design and Expertise - Logical Performance
    With a combined 50+ years in learning and development design, the LPI team works closely with you (and your learners) to develop engaging training - that produces results! Impactful learning design is a science... with a bunch of creativity thrown in!
  2. Storyboards
    Storyboards & Project Roadmap - Logical Performance
    The Roadmap
    Getting from Point A to Point B might seem logical... or maybe not. LPI helps get your project and solution kicked-off with confidence. We use industry standards to plan and build the solution... including easy-to-understand artifacts (storyboards/wireframes) and communication tools.
  3. Imagery
    Learning Brand and Style
    Seeing Is Believing
    You mean my learning courses and software solutions have their own brand? You bet! And it's important that the skin/packaging fits the needs of both your company and your learners/users! That's where LPI comes in. We have the expertise to make things stick.
  4. Video Production
    Video Production and Services - Logical Performance
    Say More...With Less
    If an image is worth a thousand words... then a video is worth a million. LPI has a full service video studio for all kinds of great content capture. Green screen narrations, full scenario shoots - we can cover it all. We also script, find talent and have a post-production team for editing and musical scoring!
  5. Business Analysis
    Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering - Logical Performance
    The Glue That Binds
    Unless you've worked on a failed project, you'll never truly understand the benefits of solid business requirements. Requirements analysis is not only a skill, it's a team sport. Your organization and culture will drive the methodology, LPI will drive the value in the business requirements space.
  6. Project Management
    Project Management & Methodology - Logical Performance
    When it comes to managing a project, there is nothing more important that good communication. Project management and communication are active tasks... the better they are done, the more successful the project. A good framework goes a long way towards getting the project results you need.
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