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Our spotlight shines on Sayre Montessori School

Sayre Montessori School

Sayre Montessori School opened in the Fall of 1992 to give children a creative atmosphere in which to learn, develop, grow to their potential, and succeed. In the first year of operation, 22 students from four to nine years of age enrolled in mixed-age classrooms.

Sayre Montessori offers academic excellence, cultural diversity and strong character development through an individually paced curriculum that reaches beyond the classroom and into the community.

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What Sayre Montessori says about Logical Performance:

"We have been getting so much response by phone from the web site that we can hardly keep up with the inquiries. At the moment we have 2 families vying for the final position in our expanded primary room and are searching for an associate for the elementary to accommodate the demand. Anyway, great job on a very effective web site!"

Logical Performance services used by Sayre Montessori School

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