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Have a supply chain or distributor network you need to motivate? Learn how

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Getting the feedback you want... and need!

Ever want to know what your distribution channel really thinks about the new product? How about some information from clients using the new service you just launched? What a pain to put together a survey and send it out, right? Hold the phone! LogicResponse to the rescue!

Our LogicResponse survey and reporting tool is completely customizable - giving you the power to dream big! From simple online web polls to complex 360 degree assessments, we've built and distributed them all. The power of LogicResponse lies in the flexibility of implementation and very powerful reporting tools. We can customize just about any report - downloadable as HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV.

Typical applications for LogicResponse include:

  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Employee feedback surveys
  • Employee assessment surveys
  • Web site polls
  • Dealer/channel surveys
  • The list is endless...

LogicResponse is completely customizable and very powerful. See a few screen shots below:


At Logical Performance, we specialize in blending design and marketing expertise, while utilizing powerful Internet technology to build a Web platform that supports or expands your feedback efforts. Contact us today to get your next online project rolling!