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Add dynamic coupons or promotions to your site – anytime or any day of the week.

Promoting a product or service is essential to sales. Have you looked in your local newspaper lately? One of the oldest methods of promoting a product is by offering a coupon. LogicPromo is the 21st century coupon and promo tool.

Want to offer $10.00 off an upcoming concert? LogicPromo allows you to easily do that! With a few clicks, a coupon can be generated and placed anywhere on your web site. Want to push that coupon out to your list of email recipients? No problem. LogicPromo can send it and help you maintain your email list. Can't remember who you sent what promotion or coupon? It's easy to pull a report in LogicPromo and see what coupon or promotional offer went to which recipient.

LogicPromo is only limited by your imagination:

  • Send rich HTML coupons or even text-based coupons
  • Embed images or logos within the coupon/promo offers
  • Add customized "call to action" statements by coupon/promo
  • Track your coupons by source code
  • Pull promo reports by type and/or date

Here are examples of one of our LogicPromo implementations:


At Logical Performance, we specialize in blending design and marketing expertise, while utilizing Internet technology to build the Web tools you need to grow and prosper. Contact us today to get your next online project rolling!