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We've used some of the best project management and project tracking tools on the market. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are expensive. Most don't do anything to promote the true reason for project success... collaboration!

So, we created our own project management tool - LogicProject. You won't find tons of charting or graphing tools in LogicProject. What you will find is a simple interface (yes, we color-code things just like they teach you in PMI-101) and a great tool to keep everyone updated and on track.


Within LogicProject you can:

  • Track projects down to the task and sub-task level.
  • Include task time estimates.
  • Track time per project.
  • Set automated email notices as projects/tasks change.
  • Adjust project and task status (green, yellow or red).
  • Add comments/threads to tasks.
  • Add avatars and manage complete user profiles.
  • Search for tasks or users.
  • Add/edit/delete users, clients, projects tasks and much more! 

Increase project performance through LogicProject - your online project collaboration tool!

At Logical Performance, we specialize in blending design and marketing expertise, while utilizing Internet technology to build a Web platform that supports or expands your traditional or online marketing efforts. Contact us today to get your next online project rolling!