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Giving You the Control You Need (and Deserve)

Empowerment - a lovely word, so rarely heard when discussions around updating the company web site or product catalog are in full swing.

We've heard customers and clients talk until they are blue in the face about wanting to update their web content, but can't because they have outsourced the job to friends, family and even the web guy down the street.

Well rejoice product manager! Stand up and shout marketing specialist! Logical Performance has the tools to take back your web site and product catalog.

We have created LogicContent - a complete, controllable web site right out of the box. Here's what's included:

  • A creative, custom design
  • Ability to add/edit/delete images and text on any page of your site
  • Ability to add/edit/delete an unlimited number of pages on your site
  • A fully functional "contact us" form with auto responder
  • Much, much more! All without knowing a single line of HTML.

In fact, LogicContent is drop-down menu driven and works just like a word processor. See a few screen shots below:



Drop us a line if you want to revel in the glory of asserting your web prowess. LogicContent uses commercial server and software tools and can be installed on most hosting platforms. We'd be happy to listen to your needs and develop personalized options to make your next web project less harrowing!

At Logical Performance, we specialize in blending design and marketing expertise, while utilizing Internet technology to build a Web platform that supports or expands your traditional or online marketing efforts. Contact us today to get your next online project rolling!